Policies and Procedures

The Northampton Police Department Procedure Manual is to provide an official guide outlining the way to do many of the routine operations which confront the Northampton Police Department. The Procedure Manual is provided here in PDF format. NOTE: When you see a dialog box asking for a password when trying to access sections of the Policies and Proceedures click the "Read Only" button and the document will open.

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00 Table Of Contents
A100 Written Directive System
A101 Department Role and Authority
A101.a LE Code of Ethics
A102 Agency Structure and Organization
A103 Direction and Supervision
A105 Admin Reporting Program
A106 Public Records Function
A107 Agency Jurisdiction Mutual Aid and Regional S
A108 Police Fire Dispatch EMS Discussion Requests
A110 Fiscal Management and Budget Preparation
A111 Cash Fund Handling Procedures
A112 Specialized Assignments
A120 Line and Staff Inspections
A121 Facility Care
A122 Community Room
O101 Police Use of Force
O105 Handling Injuries Illnesses
O106 Nasal Naloxone 'Narcan'
O107 Use and Maintenance of AED
O110 Arrest
O111 Discretion in Arrest Situations
O112 Use of City Non Criminal Citations
O140 Detainee Transportation
O141 Holding Facility
O142 Detainee Process and Confinement
O142 Detainee Processing and Confinement
O143 Interactions with LGBTQ+ Individuals
O144 Legal Process
O200 Shift Briefing Procedure
O201 Search and Seizure
O202 Investigative Stops Protective Searches
O203 Fair and Impartial Policing
O204 Police Bike Patrol Unit
O205 Pursuit of Motor Vehicles
O207 Police Use of Seatbelts
O208 Maintenance of Police Vehicles
O209 Mobile Digital Video Recorders
O210 Response to Calls
O211 Domestic Violence
O212 Harassment Prevention Orders
O213 Protective Custody
O214 Missing Persons
O215 Responding to Persons with Mental Illness
O216 Civil Rights Violations
O217 AMBER Alert Plan
O220 Juvenile Operations
O221 Alcohol Compliance Checks
O222 U and T Visas
O300 Traffic Law Enforcement
O302 Driving Under the Influence
O303 Use of Speed Measuring Devices
O310 Motor Vehicle Collision Response
O311 Motor Vehicle Collision and Investigation
O312 Motor Vehicle Inventory
O313 Private Tow of Motor Vehicles
O320 Assistance to Motorists
O321 Police Vehicle Escort and Relay Services
O400 Criminal Investigations
O401 Evidence and Property Identification and Coll
O402 Evidence and Property Handling Procedures
O404 Crime Scene Services Mobile Unit
O405 Victim and Witness Assistance
O407 Investigative Photographing and Fingerprintin
O408 Eyewitness Identification Procedure
O409 Facial Recognition Technology
O422 Informants
O423 Confidential Funds
O424 Managing Intelligence Information
O425 Vice Drugs and Organized Crime
O426 Criminal Gangs
O427 Identity Theft and Fraud
O500 Community Policing
O504 Medicine Disposal Drop Box Unit
O506 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
O510 Ride Along Program
O514 Cruiser Care Pack Program
O600 Disasters Emergencies and Unusual Occurrences
O601 Commercial and Private Alarm Response Procedu
O602 Emergency Mobilization Call Back
O604 Use of Knox Boxes
O607 Special Events
O610 Dead Bodies
O709 Restorative Justice Program
O710 Court Attendance and Responsibilities of Offi
O711 Testifying in Court
P100 Rules and Regulations
P102 The Prescribed Uniform
P103 Body Armor
P125.d Comfort Dog team
P152 Stress Management
P153 Collective Bargaining
P154 Line of Duty Serious Injury Death
P155 Sick and Emergency Leave Management
P156 Work Related Injuries
P157 Grievance Procedures
P158 Adult Use and Medical Marijuana
P159 Contagious Diseases
P159a Pandemic Planning & Response
P160 Personnel Record System