All Police Officers in Massachusetts begin their careers by completing a 24-week police academy. Academy training emphasizes academic classes, physical fitness, defensive tactics and puts recruits under a great deal of psychological stress as an introduction to the field of law enforcement. Academy training is a critical first step in the development of a Police Officer, but it is only the beginning. Training continues throughout the careers of all officers so that they can practice their acquired skills, reinforce existing knowledge and become familiar with new technologies and policing strategies. The Northampton Police Department recognizes that training is one of the most important responsibilities of any police agency. The process of continuous training and improving officers' skills and abilities is necessary in order to maintain a high level of professionalism and effective police response. Recruit, In-Service, Policy Review, Shift Briefing, and Specialized trainings are required in order to enhance our officers' abilities to perform the functions necessary for police work in today's society.The Department's Administrative Division Commander, along with the Training Coordinator, are responsible for assuring that the members of the police department are current with their mandated training, as well as making available additional useful and specialized training opportunities.