Quality of Life and Nuisance Issues

1.  What can I do about my noisy neighbor?

If your neighbor is playing loud music or hosting loud parties, you may call the police while the disturbance is in progress and an officer will be sent to the house to speak with the property owner or renter. If the individual agrees to quiet down, the officer will leave the area and will document their contact with the resident. If the resident does not quiet down, they may be arrested. On-going noise problems will be documented at the police department and the best course of action may be to speak with the resident’s landlord if the property is rented.

2.  What is the city ordinance regarding unshoveled sidewalks?

By city ordinance, all sidewalks must be cleared within the first 24 hours after a storm has ended. Failure to clear a sidewalk can result in a $50 fine. If there is an unshoveled sidewalk in your neighborhood, you may contact the police department at 587-1100 and report it. In most cases an officer will go to the residence and make an attempt to speak with the occupant. Many times these locations involve vacant homes or businesses, people who are away or people who are elderly or disabled. Officers make every attempt to resolve a situation before a fine is issued.