Dispatch Center/Reporting

1.  I need to report an emergency. What number should I call?

Call 911.

2.  I need to report an emergency and I only have my cell phone. What will happen if I dial 911 from my cell phone?

All 911 calls from cell phones go directly to the local State Police Dispatching Center. A dispatcher will ask what city your emergency is in and the call will be rerouted to the local dispatch center.

3.  I want to talk to a police officer, but it is not an emergency. What number should I call?

Call the business line, 587-1100. This is the number to the Northampton Public Safety Center. A dispatcher will answer your call and will determine what the next course of action should be. NPS dispatchers handle all incoming calls and dispatch police, fire and ambulance personnel.

4.  I need to get in touch with a specific officer. Is there a way to contact him/her directly?

You may call the Northampton Public Safety dispatch center at 587-1100 or you may call 587-1166 for direct access to the Police Department's voicemail system. For a complete list of department personnel, see the contact list on this website.

5.  Will I get to talk to a police officer when I call the police department?

A dispatcher will answer the phone when you call. They are highly trained and know how to best direct you. If you have specific questions for a police officer, you will be transferred to a member of our department.

6.  Is there a way to email members of the department?

Yes. Many members of the department have city email accounts. Go to the contact page and look for members whose names are highlighted. If so, you may contact them via email.

7.  What is the address of the police department?

The police department's address is:
29 Center Street, Northampton, MA 01060

8.  What is the department’s fax number?

Our fax is 413-587-1137.

For additional information, please check our website.

Northampton Public Safety Communications Center