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Education Requirement: Candidates must have completed an Associate's degree or attained an equivalent number of credits (60) toward a Bachelor's degree at an accredited institution of higher learning prior to the date of hire or have receipt of an honorable discharge or released under honorable conditions after two (2) years of uninterrupted military service (presentation of DD-214 military discharge at time of application), and requirement to be actively enrolled at an accredited college or university, attaining at least twelve (12) credits annually until completion of Associate's degree requirements.  This requirement would commence upon the successful completion of the department's Field Training and Evaluation Program.

Age Requirement: Applicants must be age twenty-one (21) but younger than thirty-seven (37) at date of hire.

Residency Requirement:  In accordance with Chapter 41, Section 99A, candidates must establish residency within fifteen (15) miles of the limits of the City of Northampton within one (1) year from the date of appointment.

Medical and Physical Fitness Standards: Candidates must pass the medical examination before participating in the Physical Abilities Test (PAT).

Physical Abilities Test (PAT): All candidates who receive a conditional offer of employment will be instructed on how to schedule and take the PAT. The PAT is a test of the candidate's aerobic capacity and physical capability to perform various tasks required on the job. The PAT Training Guide is available on-line at HRD Physical Ability Guide.  To view videos of the PAT, click here.

Physical Fitness Test:  Effective September 1, 2019, the Municipal Police Training Committee requires that all potential student officers who intend to enter a full-time police academy first pass a physical fitness test.  The fitness test includes four components: push-ups, planking, a 1.5 mile run, and a 300-meter sprint.  All student officers must meet the 30th percentile of the Cooper Aerobics Institute's norms, with requirements established for different ages and genders.  The standards can be found here

Academy Training: All candidates appointed as full-time police officers as a result of this examination will be required to successfully complete police academy training (MGL, Chapter 41, Section 96B)

Smoking Prohibition: In accordance with MGL, Chapter 41, Section 101A, candidates are prohibited from smoking tobacco products at the time of and after appointment.

Character: No person who has been convicted of a felony shall be appointed as a police officer. A candidate may be disqualified for evidence of character clearly unsuited for police services. A comprehensive background investigation is part of the selection process.

Firearms Permit: Candidate must qualify for a valid firearms permit to be a police officer in Massachusetts.

Driver's License:  All candidates must have a valid Massachusetts operator's license before appointment.

Selection Process:  When there are vacant positions a selection committee will meet to review the current application packets.  Candidates who are selected will be contacted to schedule an interview.