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Male arrested outside of school

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts (June 8, 2018)- On Thursday, June 7, 2018, at 2:10 p.m., members of the Northampton Police Department responded to John F. Kennedy Middle School for a report of a man with a gun.  A JFK staff member had been outside with students and that group observed the vehicle and the suspicious male.  The staff member immediately brought the students inside, a lockdown was initiated, and Northampton Public Safety was contacted.  Responding agencies included members if the Northampton Police Department, the Massachusetts State Police, and members of Easthampton Police who were contacted to provide mutual aid.

Initial reports indicated that the man had removed a long barreled rifle from the trunk of a vehicle.  The first responding officer, Sgt. Korepta, arrived on scene within one minute of being dispatched to the call.  He located the suspicious vehicle in the parking lot on the west side of the school.  The vehicle was backed into a parking spot where there were no other vehicles around him and the trunk was open.  Sgt. Korepta observed a male (Matthew Borsuk) sitting on the ground by the rear bumper of the car.  Borsuk had what appeared to be a rifle on his lap and it appeared that he was loading it.  Sgt. Korepta had Borsuk at gunpoint, ordered him to show his hands, and he complied.  At that time Sgt. Korepta also observed a rifle scope on the ground.  Moments later additional police units arrived on scene to assist.  Borsuk was detained and ultimately arrested.

On scene several items were confiscated from Borsuk and his vehicle including an Accu Whisper Pellet Gun (.177 caliber), a Brown Swiss Arms TG-1 Pellet Gun (.177 caliber), Crosman .177 caliber pellets (500), a scope for the black pellet rifle, gun cases, marijuana (11.37 grams), a marijuana smoking pipe and grinder, and other miscellaneous items.

In a subsequent interview Borsuk stated that he was at the school to pick up an adult friend and they were planning to go target shooting at a later time.  Since he had some time while he was waiting, he decided to sit outside of the school, remove the weapon from his trunk, and put it together.  He indicated that he had no intention of entering the school or using the weapon at that time.

The male was identified as:

Matthew E. Borsuk, age 27
71 Stone Ridge Dr.
Florence, MA

He has been charged with:

Disturbing a School Assembly
Carrying a Dangerous Weapon on School Property (2 counts)

Once Borsuk was detained and it was clear that there were no threats to the school, school administrators and police worked to conclude the lockdown process.  The last NPD unit cleared the scene at 4:57 p.m.

No one was injured on this call.  Borsuk never entered the building.

We know this was a very difficult event for those who were inside the school and for other members of our community.  We’re thankful for the swift action of the staff and students at JFK Middle School, the Dispatchers at Northampton Public Safety, the responding officers from NPD, and to those from outside agencies.