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Northampton Police Medicine Disposal Drop Box

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts (August 10, 2017)-  The Northampton Police Department and the Northwestern Distric Attorney’s provide a safe and secure medicine disposal drop box for people in the community.  The Northampton Police Department is requesting that when citizen’s deposit their medications into the drop box that they follow a procedure set forth to help protect the Officers who empty the medicine drop box from injury and exposure to potentially dangerous substances.

Citizens are asked to bring their medications to the Northampton Police Department in a 1 gallon size, or smaller, clear seal top bag.  The only contents allowed in the seal top bag are prescription pills and sealed patches.  No needles, liquids, aerosal canisters, or pill containers are permitted.  If a citizen does not have a seal top bag, the police department will provide one to them.

The success of this program has been extrodinary and we encourage citizen’s to continue to utillize the medicine drop box at the Northampton Police Department.