Archived News Releases

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts (June 06, 2017)- The Northampton Police Department is excited to announce our new Police Trading Card Program. The goal of this community outreach initiative is to strengthen relationships between NPD officers and the youth in our community. Participating officers will be carrying their own personal trading cards with them as they work. Each trading card has a photo of the officer along with a short biography on the back. Cards are numbered so that kids will be able to keep track of which ones they need to complete their collection. School-aged children are encouraged to participate. Children should look for NPD officers who are working and ask them for their card. It is important that children only approach officers when they are not actively involved in a police call such as a car stop, interviewing witnesses, or directing traffic. Children and their families are also welcome to stop into the station.
To help everyone get to know our dedicated officers, we will announce an Officer of the Week on NPD’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts each Monday. We’ll share a little about that officer and will help kids determine when that officer might be working that week. Even though we’re highlighting an individual officer each week, kids should feel free to collect cards from any of our officers throughout the program. Children who collect these will receive prizes for a certain number of cards that are collected. To learn more about this program and the available prizes, check out, under the Community Services section.
To kick off this program, a card signing event will be held at Wal-Mart on North King St in Northampton on June 24, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. We look forward to meeting many children there who will be excited to start their collections. Wal-Mart was instrumental to this new program by donating $2,500 to the Northampton Police Department, specifically for this initiative.
Special thanks to Sgt. Patrick Moody and Firefighter Josh Shanley for their work in getting this program off the ground.