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Northampton Police Solve Two Suspicious Fires

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts (June 02, 2016)- The Northampton Police Department Detective Bureau, Northampton Fire Rescue Investigators, and the Massachusetts State Police Fire Marshal’s Office have identified a 27 year-old Northampton resident as the individual responsible for setting two recent fires. These fires were determined to be set on May 29th and May 30th 2016, on Northern Ave and in the area behind the Walgreens store at 225 King St. At this time the fires were determined to be burned paper and magazines that were the property of the identified individual. There are no indications that this individual is linked to any previous fires in this area. At this time, no charges are pending. The Northampton Police, Northampton Fire Rescue and the Massachusetts State Police Fire Marshal’s Office continue to investigate the fires that occurred in this area previously. The Northampton Police Department encourages anyone who sees anything suspicious to call Northampton Public Safety at 587-1100.