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NPD Commited to Open Data and Transparency

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts (May 24, 2016)-  The Northampton Police Department (NPD), with the support of Mayor David J. Narkewicz, is pleased to announce that we have joined the White House Police Data Initiative (PDI).  This initiative challenges police agencies across the United States to release data to the public in order to increase transparency and to build community trust.  While police agencies nationwide have worked over the past few decades to release statistics related to criminal activity, this new effort challenges agencies to publish expanded data sets such as employee demographics, use of force, motor vehicle stop driver demographics, and many others.  The PDI requires that participating police agencies commit to the release of data sets related to different areas of police operations and administration, collaborate with others to enhance existing and create new data sets, and to engage in bi-weekly conference calls with other participating agency leaders to discuss progress and challenges. The Northampton Police Department is only the 55th agency in the United States and the first in Massachusetts to participate in this progressive police initiative.

The Northampton Police Department has a long history of setting the standard for professional and progressive police practices.  We strive for excellence in police services and are committed to strengthening community ties.  As part of this effort NPD has formed an Open Data Team, comprised of police officers and volunteers from the community who have agreed to collaborate with us on this project.  We look forward to working together to enhance the information that we already release to our community and to exploring new data sets that our citizens would be interested in viewing.

Our website ( has a new icon titled, “NPD Open Data Portal.”  The portal connects users to all of our existing data sets and in the future will contain the results of our Open Data Team’s continued efforts to share information and statistics.  We are extremely proud of the work that we do and look forward to sharing more information with our community.

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