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Telephone:  413-587-1100

Class Will Help Participants Better Understand Police Force

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts (May 12, 2016)-  Members of the Northampton Police Department are offerring citizens the opportunity to better understand how police respond to resistance.  With so many visual images of police and citizen conflict appearing in the news and social media, it is critical that citizens understand how an officer decides to use force and what levels of force are appropriate.  The class will cover police equipment, the Federal Use of Force Model, NPD’s injury and force reporting requirements,  common myths, and will end with incident assessments.  The assessment portion of the class involves the review of actual police encounters and encourages students to use what they have learned to analyze how force was used.  

The class will be instructed by members of NPD.  Instructors look forward to sharing this information and to hearing the thoughts and concerns of participants.  We believe that this understanding is an essential component of building trust with our community.

The class will be held on June 7, 2016, from 6:00-8:30pm.  It will be held in the community room inside the police station.  Anyone interested in attending the class must register by contacting Captain Cartledge at 413-587-1176 or  The number of participants is limited to 25.  If we have interest beyond 25 citizens, we will consider holding another class later in the summer.