Members of the Northampton Police Department fully embrace the concept of community policing and understand the importance of effective community outreach services.  We have three Community Outreach Officers who are assigned to targeted areas of the city; two outreach officers are assigned to downtown Northampton and one is assigned to downtown Florence and Leeds.  We also have four Liaison Officers who serve specific groups in our city including our Multicultural Communities Liaison, Religious Communities Liaison, GLBTQ Communities Liaison, and Senior Citizen Communities Liaison.  Additionally, all of our officers participate in the department's Park and Walk program.  This requires every officer on every shift to park their cruisers, get out, and walk around different areas of the city.  Beyond these activities, many of our employees participate in collaborative efforts with other stakeholders to address a variety of problems.  For instance, our Chief is on the Executive Board of Hampshire HOPE (Heroin/Opioid Prevention Education) and attends monthly meetings.  Lt. Craig Kirouac is our mental health diversion officer and frequently attends meetings to assure that our community is best responding to people who have mental health issues.  We also have officers who install car seats, teach self-defense, attend High Risk Offender meetings to reduce domestic violence, attend Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) meetings to improve how the system responds to sexual assaults, seek out people struggling with drug addiction to connect them to addiction services, are assigned to the schools, participate in the department's Ride-along Program, and who teach as part of the department's Citizen Police Academy.  All of these officers attend and/or participate in a multitude of community events and meetings as part of their daily tasks and these are not included in the table below.  Community policing is so ingrained in our daily activities, it can be challenging to parcel out specific events.  However, we do track some of our community policing activities in order to display a glimpse of the variety of activities that our officers engage in.

This table has been reviewed and recommended by the Open Data Team.


Date Officer(s) Organization Training Hours
02/03/2015 Kirouac/Kasper Forbes Community Meeting Mental Health Awareness 1.5
02/04/2015 Carney YWCA Alcohol/Drug Recognition 2.5
02/28/2015 McKinney People's Institute Station Tour 1
03/17/2015 Kiroauc Forbes Community Meeting Mental Health Awareness 1.5
04/11/2015 Liptak Young Child Festival Child Safety 2
04/14/2015 Pack Florence Heights Community Event 1
04/16/2015 Van Buskirk Starlight Health Fair Health Awareness 2.5
04/28/2015 Robinson, Satkowski Greenfield CC Crime Scene Presentation 3
05/09/2015 French Northampton High School Science Fair 1.5
05/09/2015 NPD Northampton Police Police Day 5
06/04/2015 Van Buskirk Hampton Court Tenants Assoc Safety Meeting 2
06/24/2015 Wallace Cutchins Program Picnic 1
06/26/2015 McKinney Tobin Manor TBI Info Panel 1.5
07/01/2015 Barszcz Lincoln Ave. Community Meeting 1.5
07/01/2015 Wallace Oasis Summer Camp Safety Meeting 1
07/06/2015 Tellier Safety Village Safety Meeting 1
07/10/2015 CL. Caputo Safety Village Graduation 1
07/13/2015 Van Buskirk Safety Village Safety Meeting 1
07/27/2015 McKinney Exchange Students Tour 0.5
07/29/2015 Tellier/Czerwinski People's Institute Safety Day 1
08/07/2015 McKinney Safety Village Safety Meeting 1
08/08/2015 Dzialo Amherst PD Torch Run- Special Olympics 3
08/15/2015 Kirchner Jackson St Child Birthday Party 1
08/29/2015 Tellier 8 N. King Street Car Wash- Brain Injury Fund 1
08/30/2015 Van Buskirk Walter Salvo House NW Meeting 1
09/20/2015 Pickunka, Cartledge, Tellier Bruegger's Bagels Coff with a Cop 2
09/26/2015 L. Caputo DEA/NWDA Drug Takeback 4
09/27/2015 Trushaw, Marguet Smith Vocational 911 Showcase Car Show 5
10/10/2015 LaValle Northampton Fire Dept Open House 4
10/20/2015 Czerwinski, Cartledge Walter Salvo House Coffee with a Cop 2
10/21/2015 McKinney SVHS- Mr. Henderson's class Building Tour 1
10/22/2015 Kasper, Van Buskirk, Tellier, Czerwinski Chamber of Commerce Downtown Safety Meeting 1
10/27/2015 Van Buskirk Walter Salvo Housing Authority Meeting 1
10/27/2015 Van Buskirk, Tellier, Mazuch Federal R&R Commission Train Safety/Awareness 1
10/28/2015 Van Buskirk Walter Salvo House, NHA Building Safety/Awareness 1
11/05/2015 Moody Ryan Road School Station Tour 1
11/06/2015 Robinson, Mazuch Westfield State University Taught Technology in Inv. Class 2
11/07/2015 Tellier, Sharac Florence Pie Bar Coffee with a Cop 2
11/30/2015 Moody Senior Center Winter Preparedness 1
12/16/2015 Tellier Starlight Quarterly Meeting 2
12/17/2015 Digiammo Nonotuck School Safety Meeting 1
12/20/2015 Tellier, Cartledge Cup and Top Coffee with a Cop 2
      Total Hours: 73