The Northampton Police Department recognizes the public health epidemic related to opioid use and abuse.  Our officers are trained as First Responders to rapidly respond to reports of overdoses and to administer first aid including the use of nasal Naloxone (narcan).  Each cruiser is equipped with a defibrillator, oxygen tank, other medical supplies, and two doses of Naloxone.  The following table includes data related to medical calls that we have responded to that involve drug overdoses.  When reviewing this data it is critically important to know that this information is only reflective of the overdose calls that we responded to.  The table does not include people who were brought directly to the hospital or who were treated by bystander Naloxone on scene (No medical services were contacted) and no police were called.  This information is updated at the beginning of each calendar year. 



Table 1:  Police Service Calls for Drug Overdoses 2015-YTD

  2015 2016
Overdoses- Heroin 14 21
Overdoses- Other 2 4
TOTAL Overdoses 16 25
Naloxone Administered 9 16
Heroin Deaths 1 3
Other Deaths 0 1
TOTAL Deaths 1 4