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The Northampton Police Department is pleased to offer internship opportunities to college students who are interested in the field of policing. We recognize the value that these programs offer and support our local colleges by working collaboratively with professors and school administrators to ensure that interns have a positive experience that meets the student's needs. We also enjoy the opportunity to get to know local students who are interested in working on municipal police departments and find that there is a strong tie between working as an intern with NPD, and later becoming an officer.

Our internships are flexible and the number of hours and specific working hours may be tailored for each intern. Our interns have engaged in a wide variety of tasks including filing paperwork, creating brochures for new programs, working on our website, purging old records, taking pictures, attending meetings, helping to organize community events, proofreading, reviewing policies, extracting data from police logs, and much more. Whatever paperwork our interns do, we also plan a few days when they can ride with our officers or detectives out on the street. Our interns walk away with a much deeper understanding of what it is really like to be a Northampton Police Officer.

Anyone interested in becoming an intern with NPD should contact Captain Caputo at 413-587-1178 or email him at