121b 2019 Sullivan Award smaller Badge 3

The Northampton Police Department authorizes police officers to wear commendation bars that are presented to them as a result of their distinguished service.  Awards are given to officers after they have been recommended by other members of the department. The recommendations are reviewed by the Awards Committee at the conclusion of each calendar year. The Awards Committee is comprised of members of NPD from varying ranks who volunteered to be part of this group. Once they review each recommendation, they determine what, if any, awards should be granted. They make their recommendations to the Chief who has final say over departmental awards. These are typically presented to staff in the springtime during at a public ceremony.

These colorful bars are worn above the police badge and include the following:

Medal of Valor

Medal of Valor

Awarded for an individual act of heroism, at imminent personal hazard of life, while in combat with an assaultive, armed adversary, or while engaged in a high-risk life-saving action

Meritorious Service

Meritorious Service Medal

Awarded for a highly unusual accomplishment under adverse conditions with some degree of hazard of injury to the nominee, or where an injury to a third party is prevented

Exceptional Duty

Exceptional Duty Medal

Awarded for a highly commendable accomplishment or act, either on or off duty, accomplished as a result of training, devotion to duty or service to the public

Life Saving

Life Saving Medal

Awarded for an act performed in the line of duty, with disregard of the nominee's personal safety; or through prompt and alert emergency medical action, results in saving a life

Unit Citation Medal

Awarded for participation of the members of an operating unit and/or departmental group in a noteworthy action that through their individual contributions to a joint endeavor, results in commendable accomplishment, and/or  public accolades are bestowed upon them and the department as a whole

Honorable Service

Honorable Service Medal

Awarded for an outstanding creditable act, or a history of accomplishments, in the line of duty performed in an exemplary manner, exhibiting initative, dedication, a positive attitude, a consistent attention to duty and represents praiseworthy service

 Distinguished Service2

Distinguished Service Medal

Awarded for distinguished service, on or off duty, that displays individual initiative and that contributes to the betterment of the department or the community.

 Fitness Award

Fitness Commendation Medal

Awarded in recognition of successfully passing an annual physical fitness test, thereby demonstrating commitment to individual fitness and increased job safety.

 Academic Achievement2

Academic Achievement Medal

Awarded in recognition of successfully earning a bachelor's degree in any subject area.  Officers who have earned more than one bachelor's degree may add an acorn.  Officers who have earned a master's degree may add an oak leaf for each graduate degree earned.

 Honorable Discharge2

Honorable Discharge Medal

Awarded to an officer who is eligible for retirement and/or entering new employment and has served the community during his/her period of service in an honorable fashion.